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I offer Private Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) sessions and also group Sound Baths with a minimum of 10 people. During a Sound Bath the group will have the opportunity to experience the therapeutic effects that the tones and vibrations of the Himalayan singing bowls,Crystal singing bowls and other instruments have to resonate out into the atmosphere with their unique sounds and frequencies. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, a sound bath can assist with calming the nervous system, ease depression and anxiety, boost creativity, ease insomnia, and deepen meditation. All you need is a quiet space, mat, and pillow for your comfort or you can sit comfortably in a chair.

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Welcome, My name is Doreen D. Rhodes.

 I am a  Certified and Licensed  Vibrational Sound Therapist Practitioner.  I am also a Music  Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Composer & Arranger of my own music.

 Did you know that Everything in the Universe is a state of  Vibration.  Your organs down to your bones and cells have a Vibrational Frequency.   In life our body, mind, soul, and Spirit can be out of harmony at times which causes your vibratory frequency to  be low. Even your thoughts, feelings and emotions exist on a vibratory energetic level.   This is one of the reasons that dis-ease, stress and at times chronic illness and other imbalances surface.  Having  Vibrational Sound Therapy Session as an added modality to your life can assist with clearing those energy blocks in your auras (Chakras) and body , assisting to restore you to a healthy vibratory frequency.

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About Vibrational Sound Therapy

VST, also known as "vibrational sound massage," combines powerful vibration and tones to induce a relaxed state. The induction of the sound waves goes directly into the body, along with soothing ambient tones, which helps clients slide into deeply calm, meditative states.

VST Sesions brings on the same kind of brain state as yoga, tai chi, and meditation

1. Infusion of sound waves go directly into the body

2. It helps with Restoration of the body's internal rhythms

3.Helps with Harmonization of the        

aura, and physical body 

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What can VST do for you?

Vibrational Sound Therapy with the use of Therapeutic Singing Bowls rely on specifically engineered Singing Bowls that provide stress relief through extreme relaxation provided during the session. VST works through the actual contact of the singing bowls and the human body. Placing the Therapeutic Singing Bowls directly on or around the body allows the vibrations to penetrate deeply into the body in ways similar to deep tissue massage.

During a Sound Bath, You will experience the powerful vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, drums, and other instrument to stimulate the body to help  release tension, to assist your body with restoring its own harmony, to reawaken its regenerative capabilities, and shift you into a relaxed state of being. Sound Baths and  a Private  session can also help to uplift your divine spirit, helping you to discover  more of who you truly are.

This therapeutic modality helps promote vitality and an awakening within the consciousness and allows room for transformation and healing on a cellular level to occur.  VST  helps to connect to our own inner rhythms and strengths. VST deeply effects the nervous system because you are not just hearing the sounds through the ears, but feeling the vibrations deep within the cells, tissues, muscles and bones. The waves of sound vibration travel through the room and are quickly absorbed by the body. The sound waves help to  balance the brain hemispheres allowing you to reach a sometimes quick state of meditation or hypnosis which is cleansing for the mind, promoting calmness and peace.


For people in good health, a private session or a group sound bath may also support the development of  your inner harmony and provide new energy and centeredness as you maneuver through the challenges of your daily life. 

VST is not meant to diagnose or cure any diseases. This modality is a method of deep relaxation that can assist with relieving stress and improve emotional well-being. The applied use of sound and intention can be a pathway to the meditative state that is both therapeutic and enjoyable.

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